How To Install WordPress on cPanel Easily Within 5 Minutes

If you have planned to start a blog or make a business website or an eCommerce site, WordPress is the best option. There might be other content management system or platforms too but WordPress always wins as it doesn’t require knowledge of designing and development.

To install WordPress on cPanel, you may follow our Installation guide which will help you to make your site live within a few minutes.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel – A Step by Step Guide

Final dashboard after we Install WordPress

The following guide works on cPanel or any other control panel that uses Softaculous Application Installer. If your hosting provider has not made Softaculous Application Installer available on your control panel, you may follow our another guide which will help you to install WordPress manually (without using Softaculous).

Total Time: 5 minutes

Get Hosting Plan

If you are planning to install WordPress on cPanel, then you must understand that you will need a hosting server. If you have not yet bought hosting plan yet, you can buy hosting for your first site with our hosting review guide.
When you get Hosting Plan, generally a standard control panel is provided which is called cPanel.

Login to cPanel

If you have cPanel, login to your cpanel using your server IP address/cpanel or your connected or your or any method your hosting has provided to access the cPanel.
This is the only way we can install WordPress on cPanel.

Find Softaculous App Installer

Finding Softaculous to install WordPress on cPanel

After logging in to your cPanel, explore the panel and find Softaculous App Installer. If you are having trouble finding the app, search Softaculous on the search bar located at the top of panel.

Softaculous may contain more than 100+ to 400+ Installation scripts depending upon the panel.

In advance cPanel, there will be a separate option called WordPress managed by Softaculous which is dedicated option only for WordPress installation management.

You may choose either of these options which ultimately direct to the same page to install WordPress on cPanel.

If your panel doesn’t have that dedicated option, go to Softaculous itself and find WordPress option there.

Install WordPress on cPanel

WordPress Installer managed by Softaculous

When you are using WordPress managed by Softaculous, the above interface will appear and from Softaculous itself the following interface will appear.
How To Install WordPress on cPanel Easily Within 5 Minutes

When you click on install on any of them, anew page will appear. This is the beginning of your actual installation. Make sure that you have selected custom installtion, not quick installation.

Software Setup Section

Software Setup while installing WordPress on cPanel

To install WordPress on cPanel using the Softaculous App Installer, you will need to go through a series of setup options.

Software Setup is the first section available under installation panel.
This gives option to select the WordPress version. Make sure to select the latest version of WordPress for optimal results.

In the choose installation URL block, you will be provided the protocol and the www subdomain options. If you have a SSL certificate already installed on your domain, you can choose https:// otherwise you must go for http://.

If you install WordPress on https without having an SSL certificate, the browser will give security warning and in some case may prevent you from accessing the site.

You can also choose between www and non www subdomain for both protocol. My recommendation is not to choose www subdomain as it just elongates the url and doesn’t make much sense.

Instead of choosing www, we can set the domain to redirect from to This looks shorter and more parts of url will be visible on search engines and social media when shared.

The next step to install WordPress on cPanel is choosing the domain, select the domain of your choice from the drop down and move further.
If you have not added the domain, you will first need to add the domain on the server.
To add the domain on cPanel, you may consider finding and going through how to add domain on cPanel guide.

Now the last option of this section is choosing the directory of installation. If you wish to install WordPress on, then you can imput blog in the directory option.

To install WordPress on the root domain, you should leave the field empty.
And you are now pretty much ready to move to another section.

Site Setting – Name and Tagline for the Site

Giving Site Name and Tagline for WordPress site while installing on cPanel using Softaculous

After finishing up the url section, the site setting section is related to how the name and Tagline of the site looks.
In the field of name, give the site name whichever you prefer and a suitable tagline which is a kind of your site’s slogan.
Keep the enable multi site (wpmu) remain unticked. WPMU is for multiple sites owners who want to manage all the site from single dashboard with single installation and the server must be on apache.

Admin Account

Giving details for main user while installing WordPress on cPanel using Softaculous

This section is where you set your email username and password to login to your WordPress dashboard.
Give a username and strong password that no one can guess and your email address which can be used to login as well as recover the account.

Language and Plugin

Setting language and Plugins during installation

In language setting, you can choose any language you like. Remember that this doesn’t represent the site’s language. This is for your WordPress dashboard which you may prefer to use English.

In the plugin(s) section, you can choose whether to install the classic editor (for easy content writing). Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) which prevents multiple brutforce login attempts by giving time bound after the set attempts limit exceeded.

wpCentral – Manage Multiple WordPress is another plugin which is useful to manage multiple sites across any servers.

wpCentral is different from WPMU which is for managing multiple sites within a server with single Installation. Where wpCentral is for managing multiple sites installed on the same server as well on any other server

Advance Option

Making changes to advance Option while installing WordPress on cPanel using Softaculous

Under advance section, you will find database name and table prefix option.

If you wish to give identifiable name to your database and table prefix, then change the text with anything you like.

And you may enable all automatic update options available there. This is something that is need to be enabled or disabled depending upon the nature of the site.

Setting auto mode may make the site crash or slower when the site starts updating while you are getting lots of traffic. Therefore, you can update them manually during zero traffic hour.

Regarding the backup option, please leave the backup location default and set automated backup once a day with backup rotation of at least 3.

Template or Theme Selection

Template selection area

Under theme section, you may choose any template you like. If you are not sure about the templates, just leave without selecting. This will install WordPress default twenty twenty-one theme. You can customise or change the theme from your WordPress dashboard.

Install and Login to Dashboard

Login to WordPress dashboard after installation

After deciding the template, you can now click on the install now button.
When you click on Install button, it takes few seconds to a minute to install WordPress on cPanel.

During installation, you should not close or move to another tab or Leave the installation tab in the background until it reaches to 100%.

The installation time depends upon your hosting server response time, I/O allowed to the server, number of plugins you selected to install, the size of the selected template.

During installation process, Softaculous downloads and extract WordPress CMS which itself is of around 50MB+ and theme and plugins.

If the i/o is 1 Mbps, it will take longer time to execute the download and extract process.
When installation progress reaches to 100%, you will shortly see another page that is showing your installation url and login url.If you want to check how the site is looking, click on the installation url. If you want to manage the WordPress that you have recently installed, then click on login url. This will direct to WordPress dashboard without requiring you to give login credentials.


  • A Mobile Device or Computer with a stable connection should be enough to install WordPress on cPanel.


  • Softaculous Application Installer
  • MySQL database

Materials: Hosting server A domain, subdomain, ip address or a subdirectory

Summary and Conclusions

It is very easy to Install WordPress on cPanel with the help of Softaculous. Softaculous reduces the extra burden of downloading and uploading WordPress to right directory, creating database and database user, configuration of wp-config.php file, etc.

If WordPress has to be installed manually, it would take 15-20 minutes which is not possible for beginners without a proper guide. Therefore, we have already prepared a step by step guide to install WordPress on cPanel manually which will take maximum 10 minutes to complete the installation.

You Might be Asking..

Is WordPress Free ?

WordPress is a totally free and open source content management system. You dont have to pay anything to get WordPress but to make the basic infrastructure for installation and domain, you will have to pay.

Can I install WordPress on cPanel without Softaculous?

Yes. You can install WordPress on cPanel manually without using Softaculous or any other software. For this, you will need to upload WordPress CMS file from and upload it to your server in proper place and connect with darabase. This is not easy for beginners.

How long does it take to install WordPress using Softaculous?

It doesn’t take much time to install WordPress using Softaculous. For beginners who follow the instructions, it may take up to 5 minutes. Otherwise, for experienced, it takes 2 minutes at most.
But the installation time also depends upon how much you are willing to customize and include the theme and plugins while installing it.
If you tick on all the Plugins and a very large sized template, it takes much time than usual as it needs to download the plugins and themes from source to your file.

Can I install WordPress on subdomain?

Yes. There is no restrictions regarding the installation. As long as you are able to add subdomain on your hosting, you can install WordPress even in subdomain or directory or subdirectory or directory of a subdomain and anywhere you like.

How do I use WordPress Application to Manage my site?

The WordPress application available on respective application stores are made for site made on If you are unaware of and, then you should read it to know more.
However, the’s application can still be used for self hosted site with the help of Jetpack plugin.

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